Friday, February 25, 2011

oh hi, happy new year!

WELL, it seems like I've finally gotten my shit together and am ready to blog. so YAY!

I've always done things on my own timeline, so obviously new years resolutions are no exception. Oh yeah, one of my resolutions was to blog more. Aside from trying not to be the worst blogger in the world- I have a few other things I'd like to accomplish.
  • Improve Posture. A good life goal, I think!
  • Get back into running. I used to really love to run. Ok, that's a lie. A total fucking lie- but I love how I look when I run, so it's absolutely worth it to make it a part of my life. To put myself back on track, I'm going to run a 5K before the summer and consider doing more from there.
  • Lose 20 lbs. - This is helped immensely by goal 2, but completely contradictory to goal 5. Whatever. I do what I want.
  • Start a book club - did it. rocked it. loved it. I'm def going to revisit this later-- but it's a rock n roll book club for bitches and it rules. BYOB. BYOcupcakes.
  • Try the 5 burgers at Charm City. Charm City is my FAVORITE burger place, well, EVER. It's always a good decision and the only place I go to when I need some man MEAT. I'm a little possessive of this place because I feel like I helped make it happen. I know it's getting sort of famous and shit now, and everyone wants to be the first to break something-- but, like, I TOTES did. The burgers are DELICIOUS and I have a really hard time choosing anything aside from the good ol' cheesebuger because it's simply perfect. Combatting my new years day hangover, I had the cowboy burger and LOVED it. In life, I tend to default to the item on the menu I KNOW I'll like, even when I'm tempted to order something new and interesting because I'm not sure I'll like it as much. I'm taking more food risks. I think this is being a grown-up.

This blog is about me. Not to sound like a total bitch- but it is. You're reading it- so obvi you love me or you hate/stalk me-- either way, I want to tell you about the things I love right now.

New Harvey Record - Seven Veils, Three Sheets. I know I'm biased, but I REALLY love this record. It's happy and catchy and twangy and loud and REAL HIP. It's such a step forward from their last EP and I love when tracks are laid out in the absolute perfect succession and they did so unquestionably. You can stream the first single here! You can also follow their Twitter. And Like their FB!

Tone It Up I'm obsessed with these girls. My sister Hannah and I recently decided we should do everything in our power to be 10s in the hot scale of life- and well, you have to work for that shit. These girls make me want to. Hot ass fit bitches.

Hummus I FUCKING love hummus. Bf's grandma bought me a food processor for my birthday and hummus was something I was super- excited to make myself. Did it. Loved it.

The Bachelor I'm so invested in this season it's borderline pervy. Brad Womack, you have charmed me. Well done. You were such an asshole last go-around, but you've completely redeemed yourself. Marry Chantel. She's the one. Emily, my personal favorite and the most beautiful girl in the world, should be the next Bachelorette. I typically drink 3 glasses of Barefoot wine (HEY TITS!) and send pervy texts to my TOMS Vagabond friend Kelsey throughout every episode-- and it's just so great! I LOVE LOVE.

Justin Bieber I've gotz the fever.

Taylor Swift, Speak Now Ok, it took my a while to listen to this record and I regret every single second of it not being in my ears. I LOVE THIS RECORD. It's honest and cheeky and even a little cunty at times. I LOVE TAYLOR SWIFT. America's fucking sweetheart, but KIND of a slut. Team Taylor FOREVER. If anyone could hook me up with tickets to either of her South Florida shows in June- that'd be great. (I wished for Britney Spears tickets last year and I totally attracted them to myself.)

Drinking I go through phases of loving to booze and being ambivalent about booze- and I'm totes into it right now. Had my first Four Loko the other day. Spent several nights this week at World of Beer. OH- and how fucking good was the GLEE alcohol awareness episode?

My Biff Rhonda's new baby Rocco When I worked at TOMS, I was lucky to become besties with the best 3 girls I've ever met. Plus Hannah, duh. Rhonda, the Tulsa installment of the Bad Girls Club, just had a baby. Like... a fucking KID. A LOT of babies look like turnips or old men when they're born, but Rhonda's baby is SO FUCKING CUTE. I just love him so much without even knowing him! I cried a lot when he was born and I'm SO proud of Rhonda for being such a great lil mommy! Ok, not so LIL, bitch is an amazon woman- but a really GREAT mommy.

I was trying to go somewhere with this post- but I'm not sure I did. Oh well! I hope you liked it!

You know you love me.

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  1. You're back! I love it and I love you.

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