Tuesday, June 1, 2010


I love to write and I love to be in the center of attention and most of all, I fucking LOVE talking about love. So, a blog it is.

A blog about coconut cakes and short shorts and date nights and tour bus babies.

In October, I met my boyfriend. By November, we were together and on Christmas, he asked me if I was ready to start ring shopping. Baby, I was BORN ready. Now it's June and we live together in the cutest first love shack ever. Boyfriend is a musician, working for his family's bakery. He's Greek as fuck and I'm a south Florida JAP with a penchant for vintage Vuitton and dinner parties. We both love Coors Light, Wilco and the Food Network. I stay home, for the most part, playing house and making it my job to keep us both as happy as we can be every second of every day.

I always hoped The One would be a musician and he is. He really, really is. The boy I love writes and plays and... is music to me.

There's something special about being the woman behind the man in the spotlight. I've always been interested in groupies and rock wives and the likes of Mrs. Linda McCartney and the infamous Bianca Jagger. With all of the shows and lyrics and band politics and beers with the boys and late night bedroom acoustic sessions where the chords of familiar songs about your life compete , through thin apartment walls, with your watching The Bachelorette in the living room-- there comes a this feeling of being the Queen of someone's world.

The boyfriend makes me feel like that all the time. And when it's right-- it's really, really right. He is my best friend and my favorite human ever. He tickles my back when I go to sleep and he does the dishes and his muscles are HUGE! He writes all my favorite songs and let's me watch E! News every night before MLB Tonight. We live in a cute little condo on the water with sparkly ceilings and we have a really good thing going here. Really good.

so, he'll be spoken about sometimes, but this blog is for me. for all things baked, hosted, partied, traveled, and planned. Love and rings and songs and best days and favorite stories. I like hotties and margaritas and little sun dresses and fruit pies and parties and there will be plenty of all and pictures to prove it. The boyfriend says I'm a real ball-buster, so there will be plenty of sass, but always, always always-- more love.

so, summer 2010, we're gonna be bffs.


(just like GG !)

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